Political & Economic Division 



This division is charged with the responsibility of assisting in the formulation, development and implementation of the foreign policy of Saint Lucia.  

This division is also charged with advancing Saint Lucia's policy objectives in respect of the multilateral issues and specific bilateral issues. Accordingly, it seeks to maintain, Development and enhance relationships with strategic countries at the bilateral, regional and multinational levels and to ensure that the Saint Lucia is actively and meaningfully engaged in the multilateral arena.  


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Bilateral Unit 

Charged with the co-ordination and management of Saint Lucia's bi-lateral relations primarily with the countries with which the country has diplomatic ties which covers the following geo-political regions:

  1. North America 

  2. Europe and united States 

  3. Asia

  4. Africa 

  5. The Middle East 

  6. The Pacific & Oceania 

  7. Latin America

Regional Unit 

This Unit focuses on Saint Lucia's engagement with the regional integration constructs:

  1. Caribbean Affairs 

  2. The Caribbean Community (Caricom)

  3. Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS)

  4. Association of Caribbean States (ACS)

  5. Community of Latin America and the Caribbean States (CELAC) 

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Multilateral Unit 

At this level, the Unit facilitates and promotes Saint Lucia's engagement with international institutions.  Our engagements in this regard have focused on our participation in multilateral organisations including the following:

  1. United Nations and its specilialised agencies

  2. Organization of American States 

  3. European Union (EU)

  4. The Commonwealth

  5. Africa, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States (ACP) 

  6. WTO

  7. Opanal 

  8. Non-aligned Movement (NAM)

  9. The Group of 77